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Take the virtual tour to get a general overview of the exhibits housed at our museum. We hope you will enjoy the tour and be inspired to drop by for the full museum experience.

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Collection Samples

On these pages we offer examples of some of the collections of our museum. We believe these photos will pique your curiosity, make you want to see more, and stimulate the questions "Who?" "What?" "Why?" "When?"

We hope they do, because our collections can be the beginning of a multitude of experiences. For example, our ever-growing biographical archives provide a permanent depository for photos and records that will prove priceless to researchers. Likewise, our labor history collections are becoming a treasure-trove of facts and photos in one location that can be found nowhere else.

But a museum is more than a depository for research. As an educational resource, students, young and old, are broadening their outlooks by learning about ideas and businesses, occupations and trades, successes and failures, and how things were done yesterday and yesteryear. A glimpse back is good preparation for a step into tomorrow. Now we invite you to study this sampling of our collections. We encourage you to share our enthusiasm, as you view the exhibits that support our mission of education.

The pictures on the following pages were included in a commemorative package which was distributed at the Grand Opening of the museum building on August 10th of 2002. The package wrapping, shown in the above photograph, is a copy of the original wallpaper from the building at 123 N. Church Street in Belleville.

Photographs by Bob Arndt. Historical Research/Writing by Judy Belleville.
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